Chuck Igo chuckigo@maine.rr.com
Tue Dec 30 20:30:07 EST 2003

Bill O, noted Vermonter, er, Vermontite, um, Vermontonian, noted of the
<< (snip)Decent audio quality.  A bit generous with the low end on the
processing, but otherwise a nice, ecclectic mix of music with little or
no jocking.  Not sure what they have in mind aside from just playing
music.  What a concept.  And calls you can get stuck on.... >>

Of course the low end would be more noticeable on WMUD.  ;-) 
And let us know if they play anything by Rick Charette & the Bubblegum
 *local kids' entertainer here in Maine; very huge - Wiggles-esque.  Big
song: I Love Mud*

Mayhaps you could find your way inside and teach them a thing or two
about jocking?  Then, once you get your consultancy up and going, you
could streamline their infinite playlist down to about 250 very safe
titles that would repeat, ad naseaum, and then watch the station's
ratings and billable minutes go through the roof!

Nah... I like your perception of the reception better.

Enjoy listening.  And roll some tape for the aircheck collectors out

- -Chuck Igo

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