Television finds spot on dials of car radios

Bob Nelson
Tue Dec 30 03:52:54 EST 2003

> Nugent Vitallo has spent $825,000 and many years to
> create a device to listen to TV shows while driving,
> but will it gain an audience?

But there have been portable radios for years which
have carried the TV sound from channels 2-13, at
least. I have a Sony Walkman with AM, FM, TV Sound,
and Weather (and recently bought a mini-disc
recorder/player which has a radio covering those same
bands, which can attach to the minidisc player though
it can't directly record from it). The technology
for "TV Sound" (at least for the VHF channels)
has already been around for years, so why couldn't
they just add _that_ to your basic car stereo?

Also, of course, some programs like "60 Minutes"
and local newscasts in some cities have been
simulcast on radio stations.

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