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Mark Watson markwats@comcast.net
Sat Dec 27 07:55:25 EST 2003

   Eli Polonsky wrote:

> Last I heard, James is not on WSNH in any form. I think their only
> live shift is still AM drive, but I don't know who is currently hosting

    Someone by the name of "Jenny C" is currently doing mornings on WSNH. I
don't believe Gary James ever did mornings on WSNH. The first morning host
on WSNH only lasted a week, Jenny C was the sidekick to this host, who's
name I don't recall at the moment. When he left, Jenny C took over the
morning slot solo. There is a woman who does the news as well in AM drive,
again name escapes me.

> I read that their first morning host as WSNH, a woman by the name
> Shelby (who had previously been James's morning show "sidekick"
> on WMEX 106.5), left for work at a Clear Channel owned station in
> Maine, I don't remember which one.

    I thought I recall reading somewhere, not sure if it was Scott Fybush's
NERW or another on line radio board, that Shelby went to WERZ (107.1 Exeter
NH). However, Shelby's still "does" middays on WSNH, although it's just the
same 6 or 8 recorded liners rotated around, same deal as WNBX (1480
Springfield VT) that was mentioned by someone in another post.

 >WSNH has recently become much more difficult to receive around
> greater Boston since recent improvements to the modulation of
> Spanish 890 WAMG causes increased splatter to WSNH here.

   WAMG's signal strength and splatter has increased in Lowell as well,
especially the day pattern/power. That has been noticeable over the last
couple of months.
   Did they make improvements to their TX site or did they tweak the pattern
a bit?

Mark Watson

Mark Watson

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