WV as in Victor, WVCA...

Eli Polonsky elipolo@earthlink.net
Sat Dec 27 02:35:54 EST 2003

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> Eli Polonsky wrote: 
> > AM drive on WMEX is Gary James, I think he's also voice-tracked 
> > on some of the other stations either owned or consulted by Dennis 
> > Jackson.
> ... WSNH uses a similar approach, though if GJ does a "shift" there, 
> it's when they're on night power.  Between WMJX and WHOB I can't 
> get 106.5 here.

Last I heard, James is not on WSNH in any form. I think their only 
live shift is still AM drive, but I don't know who is currently hosting it.
I read that their first morning host as WSNH, a woman by the name 
Shelby (who had previously been James's morning show "sidekick" 
on WMEX 106.5), left for work at a Clear Channel owned station in 
Maine, I don't remember which one.

WSNH has recently become much more difficult to receive around 
greater Boston since recent improvements to the modulation of 
Spanish 890 WAMG causes increased splatter to WSNH here.

James's voice does appear mid-days on WNBX 1480 Springfield VT 
and WRIP 97.9 Windham (Hudson Valley) NY. (These according to 
the station websites, I haven't actually heard the stations). 

Eli Polonsky

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