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>Famous last words!! But who knows.
>change...WPVQ was also mentioned. I think they're
>a country station known as The Bear?

An interesting side note to this, is WPVQ 95.3, is running country. Saga
just switched country on WINQ 97.7 in relatively nearby Winchendon. "Wink
Country 977" (Which by the way is moving their antenna to NH, closer to
Keene "Metro" [for lack of a better term]) One wonders if 95.3 will become a
simulcast of "Wink Country". The country music fan in that area certainly
doesn't have a lack of radio stations to listen to, as there are at least 4
country stations that come in , in the area.

(For the list, WINQ 97.7 Winchendon, WYRY 104.9 Hinsdale, NH, WPVQ 95.3
Greenfield, WWYZ 92.5 Hartford, and weaker but does come in spotty in the
area are WPKX 97.9 Enfield, WGNA 107.7 Albany, WKLB 99.5 Lowell, and even
WOKQ 97.5 Dover).

--Mike Fitzpatrick.

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