XM gets "sirius"

Luke earthradio@getgoin.net
Fri Dec 26 22:50:06 EST 2003

on 12/26/03 4:42 PM, SteveOrdinetz at steveord@bit-net.com wrote:
>My brother in law had
> XM in his truck for a while and to me the music seemed to be a bit obscure
> for the non-music geek (at least on the channels I listened to).  The 60s
> channel had stuff I'd never even heard of.  I don't think that would
> translate well to the listener who still cranks it up when "Pretty Woman"
> comes on and thinks "Hot Fun In The Summertime" is an 'oh wow' song.

Isn't it possible people are paying for XM to get away from narrow
playlists, and a large portion of people who would invest in it expect
something more than normal FM provides?


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