DirecTV locals (was TV Guide editions)

Larry Weil
Fri Dec 26 12:28:09 EST 2003

At 12:03 AM -0500 12/26/03, Mark Laurence wrote:
>Channel 9 is really bad on DirecTV, and has been ever since they 
>added it to Boston local service.  The other New Hampshire signals, 
>11 and 50, are much clearer.  50 looks pretty bad too, but I think 
>that's their own quality control, and not the feed to the bird.   I 
>think DirecTV must look at WMUR-TV as a government-imposed waste of 
>bandwidth.  That's not too far from the truth, since they are almost 
>a complete clone of WCVB, except for local news.

I believe each station is responsible for getting it's signal to 
DirecTV's uplink, which for the Boston locals is located in Malden. 
So, if WMUR fails to deliver a clean signal, it's garbage in = 
garbage out.
Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH

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