WV as in Victor, WVCA...

SteveOrdinetz steveord@bit-net.com
Thu Dec 25 17:34:46 EST 2003

Bob Nelson wrote:

>Geller's operation didn't sound too slick or
>commercialized but he surely was dedicated and how
>many one-man radio stations are out there, anyway?
>(I know, there are some stations that are practically
>unmanned as they broadcast nothing but birdfed stuff,

It's actually surprising there aren't more now than in the old 
days...between rules changes to allow for unattended operation, and 
reliable, versatile automation systems it would be easy to do.  I don't 
envy some of these characters like James Brownyard and Simon Geller who 
essentially had no life outside of their stations.  I guess we could count 
the ever newer 106.5 WMEX as one such station...not sure what they do for 
AM drive but the rest of the time it's just on autopilot.  Ditto for WSNH 
and 1480 in Springfield, Vt.

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