WV as in Victor, WVCA...

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@yahoo.com
Thu Dec 25 12:58:50 EST 2003

Some sites to check out if you're curious about the
previous incarnation of WBOQ, WVCA--the Voice of Cape
Ann. Simon Geller and his one-man classical station
(though I guess they at one time ran top 40 and had
more staffers...?) 

has pictures of the old studios and some


Has a real audio bit of Simon Geller (died in 1995),
recorded 4/88. He thanks contributors for their
checks. "I urge everyone to make their contribution
now. I expect to be leaving WVCA permananently in July
and I intend to keep the station on the air until
then...W V as in Victor, WVCA...(gives address)... I
will receive no money until transfer of title is

One radio messageboard post about WVCA that came up on
a web search mentioned that Geller "(supposedly)
sounded like Elmer Fudd" and ran his one-man radio
station, usually from late afternoon until midnight
(though the sound clip I mentioned above gives
different hours). "The new owners renamed it WBOQ,
expanded to 24 hours, and actually kept the classical

Geller's operation didn't sound too slick or
commercialized but he surely was dedicated and how
many one-man radio stations are out there, anyway? 
(I know, there are some stations that are practically
unmanned as they broadcast nothing but birdfed stuff,

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