WBOQ changes to 60s/70s AC/oldies

Paul Hopfgarten paul@03038.com
Thu Dec 25 13:39:13 EST 2003

a little afield, put...

Ref Town Meetings....Don't I know that! People complain about gov't when
a)property tax bill comes in the mail and b) When their neighbor wants to do
something to their property that the complainer doesn't like......and that's
about it!

-Paul Hopfgarten
-8 year Town Councilor
-(East) Derry NH

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I think the bulk of listeners want those things, but they're not
prepared to actually listen to a station like that, just like they want
responsive and efficient government, but never show up at Town Meeting,
etc. ad nauseum.

Enfield, NH

"Success is the ability to go from failure to failure with no loss of
enthusiasm." -		-Winston Churchill

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