WBOQ changes to 60s/70s AC/oldies

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@yahoo.com
Thu Dec 25 00:20:21 EST 2003

--- rogerkirk <rogerkirk@mail.ttlc.net> wrote:
> Mark Time expounded:
> >Well, at least the playlist is wider than the
> average olden-moldie outlet.
> Fret not, a consultant can fix that in a trice.  
> Quick, Quick!  Chop, Chop!

I hope they do keep a wide playlist, though. That was
one of my main beefs with W-Odious-- er, WODS...
other than on "Lost 45s", a narrow playlist. Heard
the new WBOQ play Linda Rondstadt's cover of "That'll
Be The Day" earlier. Hadn't heard that in awhile!

Remember the old Steve Martin sketches on "Sat.
Night Live" where he played characters like
"Theodoric of York, Medieval Doctor" and "Theodoric
of York, Medieval Judge"? I now present to you:

"Theodoric of York, Medieval Radio Programmer"!

"Wait a minute...I may be going about this all wrong.
Maybe today's radio listeners WANT something
different, not just the same songs over and over.
Maybe they want SHORTER stop sets and DJs who don't
ramble on and on! Wider playlists! Adventurous
musical selections! Why, I could revolutionize the
radio dial!...

"NAAAAAAAAAH!" (dismissing the whole silly notion) :)

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