of course!

Tim Davisson rdavisson@neo.rr.com
Mon Dec 22 22:32:49 EST 2003

> Beg pardon - but "why, back where I come from" a salesman is supposed to
KNOW how to sell.  Why should an owner have to teach salespeople?>

I've been on the sales side of radio since 1983 and sales training has been
part of my career from my 1st job. Help has ALWAYS been there from

It's assumed most salespeople know HOW to sell, they just have to understand
WHAT they're selling...the lifestyle of a particular format's
listeners...the type of businesses they should be calling on, and so forth.
Teaching that is part of modern sales training.

It is naive to think a radio or TV station can hire a sales staff...throw
them a stack of business cards and a rate card and say "go get 'em tiger".
That mentality is 20+ years out of date.  Smart owners know they will net
the lion's share of advertising sales profits if their sales crew is as
well-preparred and successful as possible! That's just smart business.

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