WVCA and Simon Geller

Sean Smyth ssmyth@psu.edu
Mon Dec 22 17:02:37 EST 2003

On Mon, 22 Dec 2003 16:15:28, Scott Fybush wrote:
> Ah yes, the legendary WHYP, North East, Pa. (which was, of course, nowhere 
> near Northeast PA, but was in northeastern Erie County, PA, right on the NY 
> line.)

For those not familiar with their PA geography, North East is in the
northwesternmost corner of the state!

Did my cross country drive 4 years ago and was wondering what the heck I was
listening to ... and I'm thinking, how could an upper-band AM from the other
end of PA be heard in western N.Y.?

PA has some interesting community names, contradictory and otherwise. I'm
surprised no one ever applied for a license in Lancaster County using Blue
Ball, Paradise, Bird-in-Hand or Intercourse as the COL.

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