Dick Corbin, RIP

Mark Watson markwats@comcast.net
Sun Dec 21 11:40:10 EST 2003

  Steve Ordinetz wrote:

> Why does the name Norm Prescott sound familiar?  Have no idea >where I
know the name from though.

    Norm Prescott was a well known Boston radio personality in the 50's. I
believe he may worked at WBZ, I recall my father telling me that Prescott
worked at WORL (950, now WROL), I'm  not 100% sure, but he may have also
worked at WCAP in it's early days before he worked in Boston. I think he
later went on to become a producer or director of some cartoons that ran on
network and syndicated TV in the 60's and 70's. I recall seeing the name in
the credits of some cartoons in my younger days, or was that a different
Prescott I'm thinking of?

Mark Watson

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