Interesting Ad Heard On WCAP

Mark Watson
Sun Dec 21 11:15:42 EST 2003

   This past week, WCAP (980 Lowell) had it's annual 3 night run of it's
"Talk To Santa" show, where kids can call in to tell Santa what they want
for Christmas, and once again this year could stop by the "WCAP Sidewalk
Studios" inside Gary's Ice Cream Downtown Lowell location to visit Santa in
person. One of the sponsors of the show this year was the Blaire House
Nursing & Assisted Living Center. Their ad was interesting, to say the
least. One of the lines in the ad says: " Both Santa and Mrs.Claus lover
their Blaire House assisted living apartment". YIKES!! Imagine, shocked
childern flocking to the Blaire House to find Santa pushing his walker,
looking for his false teeth, and wearing Depends, and Mrs.Claus  tooling
around on her motorized scooter. The US Postal Service dropping off
thousands of letters addressed to Santa at the North Pole with yellow
forwarding labels to his new assisted living quarters.

   Another sponsor, the Lowell Regional Transit Authority, had a message
from Santa at the end of the spot (who sounded like he had inhaled a bit of
diesel fumes) urging us all to "Ride the LRTA today". Of course the in
studio Santa sounded nowhere near the LRTA Santa.

Mark Watson

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