New England Cable News

Joseph Pappalardo
Sat Dec 20 13:00:40 EST 2003

> > Paul Anderson writes:
> > << NECN is my preferred source for news.  It's not so Boston-oriented as
> >
> > the Boston stations (naturally) and offers less coverage of car
> > accidents in Weymouth and more coverage of the rest of New England. >>

Funny...after working in New Hampshire for awhile, it's amazing that you can
get up to central NH and people are STILL somewhat tied to Boston..the Globe
is still the second buy....they still watch Boston television.

They are interested in Boston/State politics....however, they are not
interested in a house fire in Ashland or a car crash on Rt 142.(?)

You don't see that as much as you go the other way towards RI...they are not
as tied to Boston...and (maybe because of their proximity to I-95) seem to
somewhat interested in NYC.  I was amazed at seeing the NY Times on office

I know once you get up towards Bangor, people are in another world.  ;-)
However, are people in the Portland area connected with Boston at all?

There was a period in the mid-70's that I remember WBZ did reasonably well
in the Portland market (as an out of town signal.)

Just my $.02


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