New England Cable News

Paul Anderson
Sat Dec 20 12:14:51 EST 2003

On Dec 20, 2003, at 11:03 AM, Sean Smyth wrote:

> At this point I see no true purpose for NECN, especially since Comcast 
> owns half of it. I think some people on this very list speculated NECN 
> might not have much of a future once Comcast rolled into town and I'm 
> tending to agree with them.

NECN is my preferred source for news.  It's not so Boston-oriented as 
the Boston stations (naturally) and offers less coverage of car 
accidents in Weymouth and more coverage of the rest of New England.

What does Comcast "rolling into town" (well, maybe *your* town, but not 
many towns in central Massachusetts have Comcast) have to do with it?  
It's been only recently they mention Comcast on NECN at all.  Was this 
some change of ownership?  (I never recall much ado about AT&T owning 
part of NECN, if they ever did.)  Hearst owns the rest, right?

> Now I'm wondering how long it is before Comcast approaches Charles 
> Dolan and offers to flip Fox Sports New England into Comcast Sports 
> Net Boston -- or just kills off NECN, swipes away Celtics rights and 
> does in Fox Sports Net that way.

Why would Comcast want to kill NECN?


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