Christmas song I haven't heard once this year!

Sat Dec 20 09:58:36 EST 2003

John Bolduc wrote:
>I haven't heard this song once on the Boston/Manchester/Lawrence stations
>playing Christmas music since the beginning of the month (or longer).
>Where are you Christmas by Faith Hill - Featured on the Grinch Movie
>It seemed to have been popular the last couple of years, not just on
>country music stations. Is this on anyone's playlist this Christmas??

Talking with the PD of our CHR, it seems that there's a trend away from 
"original" Christmas songs this year toward contemporary interpretations of 
the classics, at least what few new releases there were.  Maybe this is 
affecting what library cuts get played too.  Another one I haven't heard 
much is the John & Yoko "Happy Christmas".

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