105.7-WROR Testing IBOC

Kaimbridge M. GoldChild Kaimbridge@programmer.net
Wed Dec 17 10:13:13 EST 2003

Well, at about 210am Tuesday morning, the Pru's 92.9, 96.9 and
105.7 stations either dropped to mildly reduced power or shifted
to aux. xmitr(s)--100.7, 104.1, 106.7 and 107.9 remained at full
power--(96.9, at least, momentarily clicked off-air once or twice
a couple of times) before returning to full power by 5am.
I didn't notice anything when I gave my mid-afternoon retirement
bandscan, BUT, when I did my evening wake-up bandscan, I noticed
a slight, high pitched buzz around 105.7 (about 105.4 to 106.0)
that sounds like the buzz 93.7-WQSX had when they were testing IBOC!
When I got in to work at South Station, I checked and, at first I
couldn't hear it, but when I checked again a couple of minutes
later, the slight, high pitched buzz was still there:  The
important thing to note is that--as 105.7 contributes to the Pru
overload/"image wasteland" downtown--the buzz seemed to remain
confined to about 105.3-106.1 (i.e., no overload imaging on other
frequencies) and no stronger than noted on the North Shore; in fact,
105.7 actually seemed to be slightly less "image-prone" than usual!
Hence, unless they are at very slightly reduced power and/or IBOC
isn't fully on, FM IBOC may not be as bad as feared, in terms of
additional band clutter/interference (especially within the xmtr
overload zone)!


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