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Bill O'Neill
Tue Dec 16 10:36:30 EST 2003

> A light bulb went off when I read this, Bill!  We'll charge for the
> no-school announcement!  Yes, $2 (sounds good) a pop, with
> all the money
> going toward the snow removal budgets!  For the delivery
> mechanism, well, we
> will have to work on that.... (sound of balloon deflating.)
> -Larry Lovering
> (who doesn't see many snow days in rainy Rhode Island)

Paid cancellations isn't a stretch, but local communities would likely just go
with the freebee stations.  As for the commercial cancellations, a great way to
get a sponsor on board:  get them to "register" with the station in the fall.
Capture all the nifty identifiers of the client that you would not otherwise
grab on a sales call.  Leverage.  Good will.  Partnerships.  Etc.  <balloon
deflating sfx...a close sound-a-like to flatulence>

Bill O'Neill

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