File under: Pet Peeve

Tue Dec 16 08:36:48 EST 2003

  Bill O'Neill wrote:

>I have to wonder if I am alone in noting the uptick in
>energy or excitement value that a storm (and its potential radio ecoutrements
><$2 word>) can bring to the base.  Certainly, a rambling rundown in school
>closings and delays can be a turn-off, but if it's done concisely and with a
>target time-frame on the clock (not a constant drop-in) it can accentuate the

I've gotta say that stations seem to be trying to streamline these 
announcements somewhat.  Except in the smallest markets you're not hearing 
all those "Jazzercize at the YMCA is cancelled, Cindy's Hallmark shop is 
closing at 3pm...", etc. as much as you once did.

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