Storm hype?

Bill O'Neill
Mon Dec 15 20:38:58 EST 2003

> The first storm in Maine last weekend certainly got plenty of
> hype, and it
> lived up to the hype.
> This storm was under-hyped.  I think this was partially due
> to the big news
> out of Iraq yesterday, but was also due to bad forecasting.
> Where I live,
> we got more snow than predicted and the storm lasted a lot longer than
> predicted.
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

Must admit, it was concern here, too.  Last year, I became an EMT.  Our little
town is served by a volunteer squad.  Depending on the incident location, most
of us respond directly from home.  That means we all need to keep snow clear
throughout the storm, just in case.  I was given the impression that most of the
snow would begin to mellow out after midnight last night.  It didn't.  Had I
known, I'd have awoken around 2 or 3 to clear the driveway.  Now, there's
reports of mainly rain Wednesday, turning to snow Thursday and then lingering
through to Saturday.  Who knows what that will really mean.  I think this whole
wx pattern has caught weather folks off guard.  Radio weather is not what it
used to be.  I miss Don Kent!  His interplay with deSuze was truly memorable, as
well as deSuze's temperature "down by the baan, neighbors."

If this wx keeps up, it will reak havoc on snow removal budgets.

Bill O'Neill

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