Maine's classical music radio network has been sold

Joseph Pappalardo
Sat Dec 13 01:15:26 EST 2003

> I thought Simon Geller was selling merely because he couldn't afford to
> battle the FCC anymore. (Well, I understand health concerns were also
> involved in the mix.)

I think health issues won out.

>  It doesn't sound like he was dealing from a
> position of strength...

He never dealt from a position of strength...I would call it a position of
"stubbornness".  ;-)

He would fight the FCC taking away the license...he would refuse to even
TALK to anyone who wanted to buy it.

> therefore I doubt he really would have had the
> foresight to put such a clause in the sale agreement.

Oh he definitely had the foresight....that why he sold it to who he
did...and that's who bought it, bought it...a company that DOES classical

> What about the mandate placed on Ted Jones' estate that WCRB must remain
> classical until 2096 or somewhere around there?

If I am correct..and I could be wrong.  Jone's ownership went into a trust.
And the trsut still owns it.  And the trsut follows the wishes laid forth by
it's creator...Jones!  I believe there is an "out".  If they go below the
water mark for a period of time...the remaining owners can change the
station's format.

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