WBOQ; smooth jazz/NAC

Tim Davisson rdavisson@neo.rr.com
Fri Dec 12 18:00:45 EST 2003

> It's really too bad that somebody doesn't syndicate a format similar to
theone BOQ has been running until now.>

I agree. Lately I've gotten several cassette airchecks of WBOQ from a friend
who lives in Beverly (Bob Nelson)..and I love the station.

Yeah, I grew up on 60's and 70's rock and Motown...and I've never been a
classical or big band fan, but...there's just something really interesting
about WBOQ.

But...I have to disagree about smooth jazz. I don't like the NAC/SJ stations
in 2003 as much as I did in the mid 1990's...as most have really cut back on
their "oldies" library, and play much shorter current/recurrent playlists,
and too many AC/light rock vocals....but...that being said...I like 1/3rd to
1/2 of the instrumentals they play.

Comparred to most mainstream formats in 2003, at least NAC/SJ has some new,
creative music.

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