WKNM 1570 vs WNSH proposed 50kw Plant on 1570.

madprof madprof@ix.netcom.com
Fri Dec 12 16:43:30 EST 2003

You really have me curious, WKNM?????  I've checked all the data sources
I have back to 1978, and have nothing on such a station....and nothing in
FCC files.
Was/is it a "pirate",  on flea power?    Any history  would be
very welcome!   and yes, and pictures of the exterior, please!

I envy you, in FL, while we have snow....  bet you don't miss it any!

- Madprof / Bob Sutherland   Waltham, MA

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Subject: WKNM 1570 vs WNSH proposed 50kw Plant on 1570.

> I think Radio Commercial, "WKNM" 1570 Lowell, MA, ought to be shopping for
> new frequency if the WNSH plans get off the ground. They're
> Portugese-language programming as Radio Commmercial, if memory serves,
> located out of a travel agency at the corners of Elm and Central Streets,
> Lowell. I don't recall seeing Lowell in the primary coverage contour of
> WNSH's 50kw service, but surely there probably would be some level of
> interference with this meek signal.
> Thoughts?
> Ron Gitschier
> Palm Coast, FL
> Hometown: Lowell, MA
> (WKNM exterior photos available via email...)

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