WKNM 1570 vs WNSH proposed 50kw Plant on 1570.

Sandra Gitschier sgitschier@cfl.rr.com
Fri Dec 12 14:11:10 EST 2003

I think Radio Commercial, "WKNM" 1570 Lowell, MA, ought to be shopping for a
new frequency if the WNSH plans get off the ground. They're
Portugese-language programming as Radio Commmercial, if memory serves,
located out of a travel agency at the corners of Elm and Central Streets,
Lowell. I don't recall seeing Lowell in the primary coverage contour of
WNSH's 50kw service, but surely there probably would be some level of
interference with this meek signal.


Ron Gitschier
Palm Coast, FL
Hometown: Lowell, MA
(WKNM exterior photos available via email...)

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