Herald on Ch. 4 re-branding, Christmas stations

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@yahoo.com
Fri Dec 12 13:29:19 EST 2003

An article and a column from today's Herald about
WBZ-TV's re-branding as "CBS-4" and Boston's two
all-Christmas stations.


Ch. 4's GM says that the WBZ name will "take a back
seat" and that some TV viewers, some 9 years after the
affiliation swap, still click on the station expecting
to find the likes of Jay Leno...


All-Christmas stations WODS and WQSX figure to pick up
new listeners (or bring  back some old ones) with the
all-Christmas-tunes format. No word on how many people
will instead find themselves turning AWAY
from these stations, not just now but after Christmas
as well.

``I believe it will be a big promotion for us,'' said
WODS Program Director Greg Strassell, ``and that we'll
be reaching listeners who normally may not tune in and
reintroduce them to this frequency. 
``We think there will be a lot of positives on Dec. 26
when we're playing '60s and '70s music again, and that
we'll have made some new friends.'' 

[...and ticked off some old ones :) ]

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