American Top 40 Theme

Thu Dec 11 17:13:04 EST 2003

Garrett Wollman wrote...
> I never much liked Dees's show, although I wasn't all that keen on AT40
> either.  The countdown show I liked the most was CBS RADIORADIO's ``Top
> 40 Satellite Survey'' with Dan Ingram.  (Probably this boils down to the
> fact that I liked Ingram as a jock more than either Dees or Kasem.)

My favorites of all the countdown shows were the one hosted by Scott
Shannon (forget what it was called), followed closely by the Hitlist with
Elvis Duran & Elliot somebody.  Never cared for Ingram's countdown show,
but then again I never cared much for him as jock either.  Curiously, why
was Ingram's called the Satellite Survey?  I'm pretty sure it was
delivered on vinyl...I remember hearing it skip once on the air.

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