American Top 40 Theme

Thu Dec 11 15:13:08 EST 2003

Actually, most Clear Channel CHR's have been carrying Rick Dees' show, 
not AT40.  Both shows are distributed by Premiere Radio Networks, owned 
by CC. Last I heard, AT40 only had 75-80 affiliates here in the states. 
 Many of these affiliates are smaller market, non-CC owned stations 
along with some heritage CHR's owned by CC such as Kiss 108 and 
Z-100/New York.  I would think at this point the Hot AC and AC versions 
of the show (AT20) have more affiliates than AT40.

Ultimately, the big loser here could be Rick Dees.  I'd suspect that 
nearly all of the Clear Channel CHR's will switch over to AT40 with 
Seacrest.  Some stations like KIIS/LA will run both shows, but I would 
not be too suprised if Dees loses a lot of affiliates as a result of 
this new show.  

Mike Thomas

SteveOrdinetz wrote:

>I'm frankly surprised Casey hadn't stepped down sooner.  CHR is very
>different today than it was in 1970 when the show debuted, yet he's still
>doing the exact same schtik.  While there is no disputing his contribution
>to the art, it's time for a hipper-sounding AT40 with someone who can at
>least remember when he was in the format's demo.  Leno took over from
>Johnny and made the Tonight Show his...hopefully this new host can do the
>same with AT40.  I wonder how many stations AT40 would even still be on
>had CC not more or less decreed that all their CHRs carry it.

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