WBIX night operation

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Wed Dec 10 18:36:45 EST 2003

I heard Mark Mills mention on his PM-drive show today (after WBIX had
switched to the first, and least restrictive, step of its post-sunset
regimen) that testing of the night signal is complete and, though he didn't
say so in so many words, application has been made to the FCC for
program-test authority. He said that it was anyone's guess when the FCC
would act on the application and what the disposition would be. I was aware
of the testing going on on only one day--the Wednesday immediately before
Thanksgiving. The testing probably went on over several days, however, and I
just didn't realize it. If the engineers really did align that array in one
day, either the technology has drastically improved in the last decade--and
I don't understand what might have made such an improvement possible (AM DAs
are inherently analog systems)--or the people who did the job were able to
work miracles.

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