American Top 40 Theme
Wed Dec 10 15:55:17 EST 2003

Actually the theme says "shuck-a-toom" and that's what the instrumental is called as well.  They eliminated the vocal from the end of the program sometime in the late 70's.  

Casey will be missed tremendously.  Ryan, the new host has already subbed a few times in the last year.  I was hoping it would be Ed McMann from Kiss 108 taking over as he has guest-hosted quite a bit.  

Gary Ford
> It starts off with an 11-note version of the familiar
> theme, played on horns rather than the synth, and then
> leads to a disco-ish tune (with the "shine-a-tu"
> coming during a break near the end);then ends
> with the horns doing that 11-note excerpt again
> to end the song.

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