American Top 40 Theme

Wed Dec 10 08:42:42 EST 2003

Bob Nelson wrote:
>With the news that Casey Kasem is leaving "American
>Top 40" in a few weeks (he's 71; new host Ryan
>Seacrest is 29), I was thinking about the original
>"AT40" theme (from the 70s). It sounded like it was
>played on a moog synthesizer (notes were something

Ryan who???  Never heard of him.  Remember what happened to the show when 
Casey left to start his own "Casey's Top 40" I recall replacement 
host Shadoe Stevens (who worked at WRKO briefly in the late 60s) bombed 
badly.  I wonder how many stations carry the show primarily because Casey 
is so well known, and will find something else with an unknown doing it.

>. At one
>point, some singers shout out, "Shine-a-tu!" Anyone
>remember these? Are they on the Net?

Somewhere I have a dub of the original AT-40 theme.  I got it off a cart at 
a station I worked at back in the mid-70s....I think they sent a copy of 
the theme to affiliates to use as fill if need be.  IIRC when they went to 
the newer theme they were more guarded about it.  I don't recall hearing 
"shine-a tu" in it.

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