American Top 40 Theme

Bob Nelson
Wed Dec 10 03:34:15 EST 2003

With the news that Casey Kasem is leaving "American
Top 40" in a few weeks (he's 71; new host Ryan
Seacrest is 29), I was thinking about the original
"AT40" theme (from the 70s). It sounded like it was
played on a moog synthesizer (notes were something
G, E, E-F-G....C, A, F, B, G, C...
C, D, E-D-C-D-C, E,D,C,D,C
E,D,C,D,C, F-E-D-C-B-A, etc.

In later years, Casey would speak over that original
theme ("You've just heard the top hits in the nation
on American Top 40. Our countdown is based on the
Billboard music chart for the week ending XXxx XX,
19xx." and he'd give credits, etc.)
then it was go into a faster, disco-ish version of the
theme. At one
point, some singers shout out, "Shine-a-tu!" Anyone
remember these? Are they on the Net?

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