TV Coverage Of The Storm

A. Joseph Ross
Sun Dec 7 23:57:49 EST 2003

On 7 Dec 2003 at 9:50, Bob Nelson wrote:

> While the telecommunications bill allowing duopolies
> in local TV may be considered bad, here's one example
> where it's good: Ch. 4 was able to run the football
> game, keeping its committment to CBS, and _still_
> have storm coverage on via their sister station,
> Ch. 38.
> I know in the past there were instances when Ch. 38
> came in handy; when Bishop O'Malley was named
> to head the local diocese, Ch. 4 carried the
> installation live and shuttled Bob Barker and The
> Price is Right to 38.
This has happed on occasion with Channel 2 and 44.  It also used to happen now and then 
back in the old days when an AM and FM station were co-owned, and occasionally a station 
would carry different sports or news events on the different stations, or an event on one and 
regular programs on the other, even when they normally would simulcast.

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