TV Coverage Of The Storm

Bob Nelson
Sun Dec 7 12:50:18 EST 2003

--- Mark Watson <> wrote:
CBS had college
> football (Army/Navy) on
> when 6PM rolled around, so WBZ-TV aired a special 1
> hour newscast at 6 on
> WSBK (Channel 38).

While the telecommunications bill allowing duopolies
in local TV may be considered bad, here's one example
where it's good: Ch. 4 was able to run the football
game, keeping its committment to CBS, and _still_
have storm coverage on via their sister station,
Ch. 38.

I know in the past there were instances when Ch. 38
came in handy; when Bishop O'Malley was named
to head the local diocese, Ch. 4 carried the
installation live and shuttled Bob Barker and The
Price is Right to 38.

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