All Christmas Music

Paul Anderson
Sun Dec 7 19:51:52 EST 2003

On Dec 7, 2003, at 6:04 PM, Dan Billings wrote:

> This trend has to be stopped!  If this keeps up, every station in 
> every market will start playing all Christmas music around Columbus 
> Day.

I can't believe there's not more of a backlash against this.  A 
neighbor of mine mentioned he always listens to WODS but he and his 
wife have stopped listening since they switched to Christmas oldies.  
He wrote a letters to the station saying so.

I told him it must work out for the stations or otherwise they wouldn't 
do it.  But I still can't believe even if you count only the people who 
celebrate Christmas, that so many would want to listen to non-stop 
Christmas music for a month and a half starting before Thanksgiving.  
Especially tacky Christmas oldies.


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