WFXT-DT (Channel 31) off the air?

Sid Schweiger
Wed Dec 3 21:07:20 EST 2003

>>We are waiting for some parts to arrive so that it may be fixed.  It is our TOP priority.<<

Am I the only one who sees a contradiction in those two sentences?

Every time I have been involved in a buying a transmitter, I have INSISTED that the owner buy the spare parts kits as well.  An owner who puts being on the air as a top priority (and in the grand scheme of broadcasting, that's all that matters, isn't it?) would have known that electronic and mechanical things break down, and would have been prepared for it.  Ultimately, one would hope, a back-up transmitter would be part of the plant too...but with so few HDTV viewers right now, the lack of one is almost understandable.

Sid Schweiger
MIS Manager, Entercom Boston LLC

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