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>Bob Nelson wrote...
>> I'd be curious about their proposed line-up.
>> Credible, entertaining
>> liberal talk hosts aren't exactly dime a dozen.
> Al Franken is being talked to; while he does have some
> bestselling books his voice is a bit too
> bland and monotonic for my ears.

>Jim Hightower (who was on the list you linked to) is >another with a rather
>grating voice and accent.  Has he ever done a >longform show?  I'm only
>aware of shortform commentaries.

He had a two- or three-hour show on WRKO-AM for a while,
and the Boston Globe ran an editorial suggesting WRKO keep him on for "balance".  I thought his voice was ok,
and he used some humor and sound insertions that lent a 
little levity to the show.

> Michael Jackson
> (no, not HIM, but a British-born talk host)
> used to do a national show and was on in LA for
> awhile but got dumped recently due to a format
> change. He's not too bad.

>Didn't a Boston station carry him a few years ago?  >The old WHDH maybe?  I
>vaguely recall hearing him somewhere around here.

He was on AM 1060 in Natick in an earlier incarnation;
it used the towers that AM 890 now employs and if I recall
correctly the calls were something like WTTP (similar to the current AM 1150).
When 'WTTP' failed, he was never picked up by anyone else, although
I believe he remained widely syndicated for a while.

Laurence Glavin

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