Liberal radio group buying five stations

Bob Nelson
Tue Dec 2 12:30:30 EST 2003

--- SteveOrdinetz <> wrote:
> The only stations I can see that might be for sale
> would be the usual 
> assortment of dogs.

A post on said that Albert (or
is it Arthur?) Liu is being talked to (WLYN, WAZN) but
who knows.

> I'd be curious about their proposed line-up. 
> Credible, entertaining 
> liberal talk hosts aren't exactly dime a dozen.

Al Franken is being talked to; while he does have some
bestselling books his voice is a bit too
bland and monotonic for my ears. Michael Jackson
(no, not HIM, but a British-born talk host)
used to do a national show and was on in LA for
awhile but got dumped recently due to a format
change. He's not too bad.

As I've mentioned before, Stephanie Miller did
a funny and interesting syndie show but her syndicator
dumped her.

The following page on lists some
local and national "liberal" hosts. One major
blooper: Howie Carr, liberal?? :)

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