site of WAAF cp & Ch27 - correction to SteveOrdinetz

Robert F. Sutherland
Mon Dec 1 15:26:18 EST 2003

the WUNI 27 tower is in Boyston, just NE of the 290 & 140 intersection.
Hudson is where  WUTF 66 resides, off Parmenter Rd in the SE corner
of Hudson, near boundary interection of Marlboro, Sudbury & Maynard. 

Steve, your points of limited improvement for WAAF's cp to ch27 tower are
intelligent &  well-spoken.   A booster at the PRU makes sense, if
enuf power to cover Boston, yet not interfere with the others.

As a long-term listener of WAAF when I lived in western MA,  I feel the COL
change and cp are downright cheating  WAAF's home listeners.
and really, do they think they will cut into the Boston market enuf
to justify all this?

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