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Herald's Dean Johnson on new 1150 talker

According to an article in today's Boston Herald, the
new conservative talk format at 1150 will debut in
early Nov. (11/3?) with the call letters WTTT (as in
what the 1430 in Amherst used to have). So I guess
"TTT" is better than "JTK", as the folks at Greater
Media objected to the latter (too close to

The article says Salem-owned sister station WROL 950
will shift to more religious orientation, with talk
going to 1150. Local in morning drive (Don Feder),
then the likes of Mike Gallagher, Michael Medved, and
Clark Howard.

One of Salem's bigwigs is quoted as saying, "``A
liberal network won't work because liberals are
congenitally unable to offend anybody. It's just a
fact of life.'' Though I can think of some liberals
(Michael Moore, Al Franken) who can get conservative
talkers like Laura Ingraham all fired up, so maybe
_some_ liberals do have the ability to offend? :)