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FW: Pro's & Kin's

> Are female announcers in Boston trained to
> pronounce words differently than male 
> announcers?  In the past few months, I have 
> heard (repeatedly):
> kin-VIC-shin           (conviction)
> kin-TROLL              (control)
> kin-EK-shin            (connection)
> kin-VEEN-yintz         (convenience)
> kin-GRAD-jih-lay-shins (congratulations)
> kin-ET-ih-kit          (Connecticut)
I call it elite speak.  It happens when news organizations feel that they
have to educate us unwashed masses in their interpertation of the English
language.  It began during the Kennedy rape trial with "harrassment".  It
became "HAIR assmint" instead of "her ass ment".  It got worse with CNN
during Gulf War Pt 1 whenever they described the British Fokker aircraft as
a "folk-er" instead of as the second half of the word "mother".

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