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WJUL "Sunrise" Now Sounds Better

In its first week, "Lowell Sunrise" has sounded very substandard
without regard to the programming content.  The first couple
of days, it was boxy and constricted-sounding, then as I
noted earlier, the two channels seemed to be out of phase
so the volume was very low or non-existent on a mono table
radio, and disembodied in stereo (I didn't try it on my headset radio;
I didn't want to mess up my head any more than it is!).
Today (10/06), the sound quality was more than acceptable, 
the volume was where it should be on any kind of radio.
The content remains a bit schlocky, and never mind the
underwriting announcements verging on commercials...
the Sun is R-E-A-L-L-Y promoting itself and its
website while pretending thereby to be offering content.

Laurence Glavin

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