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RE: WJUL "Lowell SunRise"

Aaron writes:

> Oooh...can't stand with you on that one, Bill.  I've seen many a
> student-run and organized news program.  Most of them stink to high
> heaven.  Poor journalistic integrity.  Poor audio production
> quality.  Poor
> quality of news.  It goes on and on.

That's okay Aaron.  But, would you consider a concerted effort by the university
to piece together scholastic units/resources as having no greater value than to
go to a local media unit with no radio experience for a no-bid contract?

Plus there's NO
> continuity from year
> to year...a crucial ingredient if the goal is to get some
> underwriting in
> (which is definitely part of the goal, from Billy Bulger's
> old office on down).

Well...no.  This is not about money as the state and school may have
successfully lead you to believe.  WJUL remains quietly and efficiently
supported through a meager percentage of the student activity fee.  IIRC, it was
about $7 per student per year, clearly a  bit more now.  The capitol
contingencies for studio growth, etc., was actually supported through budgetary
initiatives dating back years, as a line item.  Clearly, the university, under
this new agreement, will receive funding from the Lowell Sun through a newly
created 501 C(3) called the Lowell Community Broadcasters.  The university then
(will) pay out that money in the context of a full state slot, with benefits,
for an "advisor" which will, in actual fact, be the morning show voice and then
leave the building at 10 a.m.

Bill O'Neill