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Re: WBRS Brandeis Radio?

At 08:37 PM 9/28/2003, Sid Schweiger wrote:
> >>The gist is that WWFX was moving 22km from being near their COL of 
> Southbridge (their site was right on the CT border) to being on the east 
> side of Worcester.<<
>Their location is in Leicester, near the *southwest* side of Worcester.  I 
>used to live about two miles from the Leicester site.

Well now I'll be damned...you're right.  But I just loaded a plot in my 
propagation software that clearly shows their site on the southEAST side of 
Worcester.   I gotta dig into the numbers on this - where the heck did I 
get lat/long over there...?   It would help explain why WWFX management 
ignored WBRS's pleas.

> >>I've heard more than a few less-than-complimentary comments about 
> Citadel so I'm inclined to take a very dim view of their actions with WWFX.<<
>Believe what you like about Citadel, but they are not the 
>culprits.  WWFX's move occurred BEFORE Citadel bought them.

Sort of - look at the dates (all from the FCC CDBS)

02/10/98                FCC accepts filing from WBA for a minor-change CP 
to WWFX (to Leicester)
01/22/99                CP granted
02/08/99                Assignment of license from WBA to Citadel accepted 
for filing
02/09/99                License to Cover on CP accepted for filing.
03/25/99                License granted.
04/06/99                Assignment of license granted, Citadel owns WWFX

So while the CP was applied for prior to the filing for the transfer, the 
timing is WAY too close for me to believe that Citadel wasn't involved from 
the beginning.  No doubt Citadel made it so that the deal was contingent on 
the CP being granted and implemented, but I believe they were there and 
pushing for it.

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