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Re: WBIX 1060

Aaron: where did you get THAT date? The CP is not in the public AM database
but I found it in CDBS by using the facility number from the public
database. According to the information I found in CDBS, the CP was granted
on 9/14/2000, which means that it would have expired on 9/13/2003. I found
not a hint of any application for tolling nor any hint that the permittee
had applied to have the CP cancelled. Cancellation at the permittee's
request would, I think, have given the station a better shot at a second
grant should a new application for the same facilities be filed later.

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> At 11:12 AM 9/26/2003, Ron Bello wrote:
> >Didn't WBIX have to complete their CP to go full time
> >by sometime in September ?
> Their CP expires October 29th, 2003.
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