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Re: Fwd: WBUR budgetary needs

At 12:14 AM 9/26/2003, Aaron Read wrote:
>At 11:21 PM 9/25/2003, Richard Chonak wrote:
>>Aaron Read wrote:
>>>[...] many media-related underwriters have complained - no doubt to many 
>>>stations - that On The Media pulls no punches in its reports, so they'll 
>>>pull their money unless station WXYZ drops OTM.   Wordsworth bookstore 
>>>is guilty of this, as evidenced in the Dec.22, 2001 OTM show (transcript 
>>Aaron, do you mean that Wordsworth specifically objected to OTM?
>>I didn't notice anything in the story that showed that.
>IIRC Wordsworth DID later object to the OTM piece - they felt it made them 
>look bad.  (duh)

BTW Rich - the "duh" above is not directed at you.  It was directed at 
Wordsworth for making themselves look even worse in their efforts to 
squelch WBUR from making them look bad.

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