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Re: Fwd: WBUR budgetary needs

At 11:21 PM 9/25/2003, Richard Chonak wrote:
>Aaron Read wrote:
>>[...] many media-related underwriters have complained - no doubt to many 
>>stations - that On The Media pulls no punches in its reports, so they'll 
>>pull their money unless station WXYZ drops OTM.   Wordsworth bookstore is 
>>guilty of this, as evidenced in the Dec.22, 2001 OTM show (transcript 
>Aaron, do you mean that Wordsworth specifically objected to OTM?
>I didn't notice anything in the story that showed that.

IIRC Wordsworth DID later object to the OTM piece - they felt it made them 
look bad.  (duh)

Actually, despite my gripes about WBUR it really annoys me that all the 
pro-Israel camps have singled out WBUR for carrying NPR which is just so 
pro-Palestinian-biased, heavens yes it is!  Blech.  Anyway, they single out 
WBUR...when there's two other NPR stations in town, one of which (WGBH) has 
a good hunk of the EXACT SAME PROGRAMMING in the mornings and evenings, and 
owns two stations that are all NPR news/talk on the Cape...yet only WBUR 
gets targeted by these tub-thumpers.

Frankly I don't care if NPR has a bias, and I personally think there isn't 
one...or only a slight one.  But when groups get on a soapbox and decide to 
sway major news outlets to their own skewed outlook on life by a full-court 
attack that borderline hypocritical to begin with...THAT annoys me.

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