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Fwd: WBUR budgetary needs

>DATE: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 10:19:52
>From: Aaron Read <aread@speakeasy.net>
>To: boston-radio-interest@bostonradio.org

>Some folks are asking me what WBUR is spending $18 >million annually on.  I 
>have some informed speculation on that...

>3: NPR fees - have gone up big time in the past few >years.  Hence why 
>there's more BBC and less NPR shows on WBUR these >days.

>Aaron "Bishop" Read             aread@speakeasy.net
>FriedBagels Consulting          AOL-IM: readaaron
>http://www.friedbagels.com      Boston, MA

During the summer, I went to a WBUR "Open House", but
never let on I was a radio geek.  I imbibed the free Sam
Adams, as did Jane BTW, and the hors d'oeuvres, while striking
up conversations with the glitterati in attendance.
(Robin Young is so t-i-n-y;  Gail Harris looks mah-velous...
I told her she could go back to big-time television on a minute's notice!)
Eventually I accosted a gentleman  named George (last name
I didn't catch) described as Program Manager.  I mentioned how
much I like "On the Media" from WNYC;  and although I can
hear it on WEVO, sometimes I'm away from home when it's on, and
asked why it wasn't restored to WBUR after the Iraq conflict.
He said it "didn't meet WBUR standards."  I was a little 
dumbfounded, since it's a WNYC product, and many comparable
stations carry it.  Now I think I understand the
REAL reason:  #3 above.

Laurence Glavin

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