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Re: Talk format flip on 1150AM

Sven: I read the following on some board (probably the radio-info.com
Philadelphia board): WMCA, which is still Christian preaching/teaching has,
umm, resurrected the old WMCA slogan from the 60s: "Home of the Good Guys"
and is using old WMCA jingles from that era. Can you confirm? Salem has two
stations in Philly at almost the same dial positions as its New York and two
current Boston stations (New York: WMCA 570, WWDJ 970; Philadelphia: WFIL
560, WZZD 990; Boston: WEZE 590, WROL 950). Salem also brought the WFIL
calls back to 560 in Philly. I thought that in the light of those
developments and that 1150's old WCOP calls are not currently on AM and are
on FM at a Christian college (in GA), that Salem might make a donation to
the college and obtain the rights to use the calls on 1150 here--but
apparently not.

If WMCA is once again "the Home of the Good Guys" (Good Guys now presumably
being defined not as DJs but as evangelical Christian ministers), do the old
jingles sound appropriate--or totally out of place? I've also thought that,
with the popularity among evangelical Christians of the slogan "What would
Jesus do" (often abbreviated as WWJD), that Salem ought to have a station
with the WWJD calls. Salem came awfully close in New York; WWJD kinda snuck
up on the movement LONG after Salem bought WWDJ (and LONG, LONG after the
station had become WWDJ). With all of the Christian stations in the US, I'm
amazed that there is no WWJD (at least none I'm aware of) and that Salem
hasn't gone for those calls at one of its stations--with WWDJ being the
obvious candiate to flip to WWJD. On the other hand, if the New York papers
have as much trouble with call letters as the Boston papers do, maybe Salem
is smart not to rock the boat--especially by changing a call sign to one
that's so similar.

Dan Strassberg, dan.strassberg@att.net
eFax 707-215-6367

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> On Thu, 25 Sep 2003, Dan Strassberg wrote:
> > WJTK suggests Jesus Talk.
> > If that's what the calls stand for (and I can't imagine that they would
> > stand for anything else), the format won't be secular talk after all.
> Could be "Joke Talk"  -- I mean... this is Salem.  Their stations _are_ a
> joke.  But oohhhhh do they make MONEY!
> > stations to be the conummate boring experience), but I am curious.
> Not as bad as Family Radio's "all Harold Camping all the time."
> I wonder if this is the guy that the preacher on "The Simpsons" is
> supposed to be satirizing.
> Same southern drawl...same cadence.
> --
> Sven